Jamie’s results are not great but should get him to college. More solicitors letters at Bridge Farm.

Radio Times: Kathy faces a nerve-wracking wait.

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  • Finally looks as if BL have the go ahead to get back to work on the market. It’s been costly but it doesn’t seem as if they will miss the deadline – as long as there aren’t anymore hitches. The coverage in the Echo is still bad though – no big story to show the site is safe.
  • Kathy is helping Lynda out with publicity for the Open Gardens day but she is rather distracted. She is so nervous about Jamie’s results. He didn’t do brilliantly – a B, 4 Cs and a some Ds. But it’s better than it might be, even though he failed maths. But the college might let him reset alongside starting his 6th form.
  • Tom is trying to sell Bridge Farm products but he’s struggling a bit. Still he’s determined and will keep pushing. He’s even offered one company sale or return. Pat isn’t so convinced about that. She really isn’t convinced they will get through it. Especially when more letters arrive from solicitors. Brenda tries to give Tom some tips on selling to new markets. He is determined it’s going to work.

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