People are beginning to notice the Emma is being remarkably self centred over Keira.

Radio Times: Emma makes herself unpopular and Clarrie loses her nerve.

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  • Emma rather nastily won’t let Mia near Keira, claiming she has a cold and makes a point of telling Nic. Nic tells Will and he’s all for having a word but Nic says not to bother – she isn’t fooling anyone including Clarrie. Nic tells Will how pleased she is she moved to Ambridge. It’s so good and she really loves Will. He says he loves her too.
  • Elizabeth is looking forward to her holiday in Cornwall with the children. At least it’s not long now until she can drive again – 3 weeks and 2 days. The children are really enjoying pony club camp. Freddie is really coming into his own. He wants to hunt properly next season, not just follow.
  • Nic suggests Clarrie looks for work at Lower Loxley – doesn’t have to be in the cafe, could be anywhere. Clarrie does go but when it comes to it, she can’t bring herself to ask Elizabeth after all. Jennifer comments that she has begun to realise why Pat hasn’t kept her on at the dairy.
  • Even in the shop later, Emma manages to be totally self centred so much that Jennifer and Jill remark on it.

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