Janet confronts Tim and Lynda confronts Siobhán

Radio Times: It is time for the endgame.

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  • Tim is packing for a night away at a university reunion. Siobhán is very busy – is she turning into a Lynda Snell? Tim is put out she doesn’t even want a phone call.
  • Kathy and Lynda discuss that Roy hasn’t yet invited Tom to be best man – he’s on tenterhooks. Lynda is cross that Robert didn’t admit that her Valentine wasn’t from him. Lynda is rather sniffy that Tim says he is away from home. He obviously has a “busy schedule”. Looks like competition might be hotting up for control of the school campaign.
  • Ruth and David make final plans for lambing. They are concerned how busy Shula is at the stables. She can’t make the school meeting. They haven’t thought of anything for Tony’s birthday book either and Pat will be there.
  • Janet tells Tim that there can’t be anything between them. There was an attraction but she should have been clear, also telling him about the Bishop receiving an anonymous letter. They realise they have been the butt of practical jokes over the Valentines and are both rather embarrassed but at least the Bishop has supported her. Their relationship must be wholly professional in future lest both their positions be threatened. Tim wishes things were different but Janet says it can’t ever be.
  • Plans are being laid for the school campaign and everyone is worried that Lynda might try to take over and that won’t get them any support! So Lynda will need to be kept busy … but, old rivalries resurface and Siobhán tells Lynda she has no right to be in charge since she hasn’t any children whereas Siobhán will have them. In a temper, Lynda tells Siobhán that she should look at the state of her marriage – it’s not right that Susan should have to work with the two of them every day like this. Siobhán is outraged – she knew about the gossip but Lynda has planted some doubts – she suddenly needs to leave. Lynda tells David that the truth always hurts.

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