Kate and Lucas make a deal but Siobhán confronts Tim with the evidence

Radio Times: Susan is whiter than white.

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  • In a topical insert Shula and Brian discuss the current foot and mouth crisis. Obviously the riding class on the riding course will be cancelled. They remember how bad it has been in the past – Dan lost his whole herd in the ’50s. It’s terrible for farmers. Shula is telling no one to use the bridleways until this is over.
  • Kate and Lucas visit the surgery with Nollie who Susan thinks is beautiful. Siobhán storms in and accuses Susan of spreading viscious lies. To think Susan has access to confidential information. Susan says she saw them and it hasn’t been nice for her. She tells Siobhán about the scarf and the Valentine. Siobhán finds the scarf in a drawer and storms out.
  • Nollie is putting on weight – she is a good baby. It’s because they both love her that it will be hard for Lucas to leave them if Kate doesn’t return to South Africa. Kate doesn’t want a row but it is difficult because of Phoebe but Kate has been doing a lot of thinking – she does want to return to South Africa and she wants Phoebe to be part of that but she knows it is more complicated than that. She wants to take Phoebe with them when they go – just on a visit, then she would bring her back. Lucas thinks they may have a deal.
  • Eddie is still searching for Clarrie’s ring. Susan comes to tell Clarrie how upset she is about Siobhán’s visit. She says she found the note, the present and the Valentine. She wonders if she should warn Tim but Clarrie says she shouldn’t get involved. Clarrie and Eddie try to cause a row when the new neighbours arrive so as to put them off!
  • Tim gets home and Siobhán, presenting the evidence, asks him if he has been sleeping with Janet Fisher. Tim says nothing happened, the scarf was an impulse thing. That it had originally been a present for Siobhán makes it worse. Tim tries to explain that the Valentine’s cards were someone’s idea of a prank and that it is very serious for Janet. Siobhán says Tim would have liked something to happen though and he reluctantly agrees – citing that age-old excuse that Siobhán “hasn’t been very interested in him lately”. Doing the calendar with Janet was fun and Tim and Siobhán don’t seem to be having any fun any more. Siobhán has got a lot of thinking to do.

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