Tom is put out of his misery and Kate explains her plans to Roy

Radio Times: Will Kate take Phoebe?

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  • In another topical insert … Tony explains to Tom the sort of symptom he needs to look for which might be foot and mouth disease. The pigs look healthy and he hopes they stay that way. It was terrible in the 1967. The virus is very infectious and moving cattle around the way we do these days is asking for trouble. More local abattoirs is the answer. It could wreck everything at Bridge Farm – the compensation only covers the animals lost to slaughter. They will just have to take sensible precautions and hope it is over soon. Tony wants to celebrate Tom’s birthday but he’s not keen. Something terrible always happens around his birthday. Roy seems to have changed his mind about him being best man too. Maybe a lunch in the Bull will compensate.
  • Kate is being reasonable about Phoebe. This must be suspicious – Roy and Hayley wonder what she wants in return? Roy has said she can have her more next week. Roy hasn’t asked Tom yet to be his best man – he couldn’t get a word in. It will serve Roy right if Tom turns him down. Roy suggests Florida for the honeymoon but Hayley doesn’t want to leave Phoebe. Roy thinks Kate will be long gone by then but Hayley wouldn’t enjoy herself if she was worried. The big wedding is quite enough.
  • Lunch at the Bull was good, it was really busy for midday. Tony and Tom think that Jolene has transformed the Bull (even if they can’t say that in front of Kathy). The invitation list for Tony’s party is coming along. Tony would like Mary Weston, his old fiancée invited. Tessa Latimer, the then Vicar’s daughter, and Roberta, from the stables (more old flames) might come too. Pat doesn’t seem to think it’s a great idea! She doesn’t want Tony getting over excited!
  • Betty and Roy have been looking at menus for the wedding breakfast. Roy finally gets around to asking Tom to be best man. Tom was pleased – his tasks would be getting Roy drunk and then sobering him up for the Church! He is suddenly less keen when he realises it will mean morning dress with colour co-ordinated waistcoats and cravats.
  • Kate tells Roy that she is going back to South Africa with Lucas and that she wants to take Phoebe! (Although only for a visit and only for a month!) Roy is shocked – Phoebe has never been away from him for more than a couple of days. Roy points out that he can stop her taking Phoebe out of the country. Kate knows that which is why she is telling him now so he has time to think. She doesn’t think there are really any valid objections he can raise.

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