Tim and Siobhán present a united front, Roy is worried about his daughter’s travel plans

Radio Times: Siobhán and Tim make a point.

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  • Siobhán and Tim make a statement to the world as they go to St Stephen’s together (even if Siobhán is a Catholic). Susan twigs on their attempts, and after Siobhán loudly and obviously thanks Janet for the service, Janet surprises Susan by asking for a quick word. She is blunt: the relationship never was and asks the unusually reticent Susan to see that the talk around the village is put to rest. (Later, when Betty gossips about Tim and Siobhán having had another public show of togetherness in having lunch at the Bull – Susan scotches the story of Tim and Janet’s relationship).
  • Neil and Betty discuss again their chicken plans – Neil favours the Speckledy breed. Susan agrees to work the early mornings at the shop so as to let Betty do the feeding and collecting, although only if her surgery hours can be made flexible enough.
  • Roy hasn’t had a chance to talk to Betty about Kate’s plan to take Phoebe to South Africa – and more importantly he’s not yet told Hayley. Betty recomends that he trust Kate about as far as he could throw her – the risk would be never seeing his daughter again!