Phoebe’s trip to South Africa is bought but her return is a matter for concern.

Radio Times: Pat and Tony play the hosts.

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  • Kate’s on a spending spree – 3 tickets for her and her two daughters to travel to South Africa. Lucas is happy that Phoebe is coming for a short holiday and Jennifer is going on a spree of her own – lots of baby clothes for Nolly!
  • Tom is a little hungover from birthday drinks (and is the proud owner of a sarong, preparation for a holiday in the sun from Kirsty). He’s busy testing out gags for his best man’s speech. Pat’s been hunting through some old stuff and has dug out a tape of “The Troggs” – perfect for Tony’s party!
  • Lucas and Kate are across at Bridge Farm for dinner and, with Pat rediscovering her campaigning days, Kate feels decidedly empathetic with her aunt and uncle. Pat seeks Lucas’ advice over their current campaign and he assures her that boycotts and protests worked for the anti-apartheid movement back home. Although the parallels with the possible closure of Loxley Baratt school aren’t immediately obvious …
  • Betty and Jennifer discuss Phoebe’s trip and Jennifer, trumpeting hope over experience, assures her that they can trust Kate to do the right thing over their grand-daughter.