Foot and Mouth affects Ambridge, too and Jennifer starts to worry about Kate’s motives

Radio Times: Shula and Daniel make a Lenten decision.

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  • Topically the episode opens with Ruth and David working in the lambing shed discussing the horror of the Foot and Mouth outbreak and the precautions that they are taking. David is very worried what if it happens to them and their new start with the Herefords is wiped out. Ruth is more positive and feels that they are due soem good luck this year. They both feel however, that the emergency has brought the community closer together, everyone is helping each other through the crisis.
  • Jennifer is having a family party for Pancake day, but Phoebe can’t come as she has a bad cold, for once Brian is being sensible and expresses concern that Phoebe is being used as an emotional football.
  • Elsewhere, Shula’s Pancake party sees Daniel being assisted by Janet with his pancake tossing. We can all be relieved to learn that Shula is not giving up chocolate again this year for Lent – instead Daniel is collecting stamps for charity. Ruth and the children clear up in the kitchen while Janet and Shula have a heart to heart. Janet admits to Shula that she really had been very attracted by Tim, one feels we haven’t heard the end of this saga.
  • Jennifer can’t sleep for worrying about Phoebe, so Brian isn’t allowed to sleep either. They discuss the Phoebe situation, she, at last, is beginning to see the possibility that once Kate has Phoebe in South Africa she will keep her there, and Jennifer feels she couldn’t bear that. Once again Brian astutely sees through Kate and feels that she has everyone running round in circles – with Kate anything is possible.

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