Something to cheer Clarrie up

Radio Times: Kate and Hayley have different ideas.

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  • Clarrie and Joe set themselves up to give poor Nick and Venetia another dose of ‘the potential neighbours from hell’ . A baseball hatted Joe revs up Williams car, while Clarrie mangles away in best fishwife mode!
  • Eddie takes his metal detector finds into ‘Aladdins cave’ in Borchester and buys Clarrie a lovely antique ruby ring.
  • Lynda gives Kate a much – by the sound of it – needed massage while discussing the merits / demerits of staying in Ambridge and those to of Jo’Burg versus Cape Town. Kate remarks on guards at the entrance to apartments, and that they will want to have somewhere with a garden for Nollie … when they can afford it. Lynda is envious of Kate’s freedom, she has made her bed and must lie in it. She is however very surprised that Kate is taking Phoebe back to S.A., even for a holiday – won’t Roy mind? Kate is airy ‘ No, it’s cool’.
  • George – not one of nature’s little housewives obviously, is tussling with a duvet cover. Surely blankets are easier? Chris takes over, and puts her back out again. Bang go her plans for going into work – she was meant to be doing some administration at the stables today – also those for their anniversary treat tomorrow. George gets a very shaprp edge of her tongue!

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