Janet falls and tries, somewhat in vain, to resist falling further.

Radio Times: Tim is on the run.

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  • Easter Monday, Ambridge Fun-Run-Day, and Shula expresses surprise at David’s presence for the event. He has joined Ruth and baby Ben, despite extra work due to Bert being a bit off colour, to cheer on Pip and Josh – who obviously need the exercise to run off the extra Easter eggs provided just in case, by both thoughtful grandmothers. Needless to say, Shula offers to help with any surplus chocolate consumption! David seems keen to arrange the Christening with Janet, Ruth is concerned to talk to Tim about vaccinations and Janet appears surprised and somewhat apprehensive that Tim is taking part in the run.
  • Alistair and Tim take a breather and allow Janet to pass them, exchanging good-humoured competitive banter with her as she runs on. Tim is reluctant to respond to questions about Janet or Siobhán, so Alistair decides to go on and allow Tim to catch up.
  • Pip is doing well in the junior run, as did Josh in the tiny’s race. Ruth and David are looking forward to a night out, courtesy of babysitting grandparents, but a call on the (“I knew I shouldn’t have brought this thing!”) mobile informs them that Bert felt so bad he has had to go home, so David will have to do the afternoon milking.
  • After running with Janet for a while, Alistair rushes off and she attempts to catch him up. Disaster (or is it good fortune?) strikes and she falls full length just as Tim runs into view. He rebukes her sharply for trying to refuse his medical expertise, eases her arm round his neck to enable him to move her from the middle of the road and gently soothes her overwhelming sobs of liberated emotions with the words, “Everything’s going to be alright…”
  • The fun-run is pronounced a great success, Alistair admits to advising Oliver on hair products suggesting that Shula should warn Caroline not to run her fingers through his locks, Jean Harvey’s latest small-minded grumble has niggled Janet (whose female priest’s conscience is yet again working overtime for scant reason…), and Tim makes an urgent call to Siobhán to arrange ‘talk, soon’.

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