Siobhán leans on a willing Elizabeth.

Radio Times: Siobhán won’t talk.

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  • David is trying not to wake Ruth as he rises early for the milking. They hope Bert will be back at work soon, meanwhile Ruth suggests that she could help out – in vain, as Ben wakens to be fed and David stresses the importance of Ruth’s current job.
  • Siobhán is desperately telling Tim that she cannot see him this week and that he must stop ringing and harassing her like this.
  • Ed has spent the night on Jazzer’s sofa. Jazzer wants him out of the way before his Mum gets back because she thinks Ed is a bad influence on him! They plan to meet up for the ferret racing tomorrow, with Fallon if she’ll come, with some ‘really good stuff’ that Jazzer hopes to get his hands on today.
  • Elizabeth is doing her round of the stallholders at Lower Loxley. Siobhán, out taking the air, tries to convince Elizabeth that she is over her food poisoning of last week but the suggestion of a burger from the van makes her feel queasy again. She breaks down in answer to Elizabeth’s obvious question, and immediate friendly support and encouragement ensue.
  • Ruth goes to tell David the bad news that Bert has shingles and will be off work for at least a week. She wonders how David will possibly manage single-handed, especially on Friday when he will have to show the boss of a meat company round Brookfield then go to Home Farm for lunch.
  • Elizabeth offers Siobhán all the emotional support she is being denied elsewhere and promises that they will see this through together. They plan to meet after Siobhán’s first appointment with the doctor on Thursday.
  • Ed is training Leanne (the ferret) much to Fallon’s amusement. She is sceptical about everything to do with the ferret ‘Grand National’ but wants Ed to know about a gig on Thursday for which they will need to practise. Will there be time on Wednesday? Yes, and time for a smoke – but Fallon says Ed should lay off the stuff as it rots the brain. She, on the other hand, knows when to stop – and can afford to lose a few brain cells!

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