Janet is rejected in Norfolk; she wants to stay anyway and Tim wants her to stay too.

Radio Times: Janet deals with rejection.

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  • Siobhán is clearing out her CDs from Honeysuckle Cottage. She’s moving into her flat on Thursday in Felpersham. Tim is feeling a bit better but things are different now.
  • Janet didn’t get the job in Norfolk. She “didn’t fit the profile”. She thinks it might have been because she was a woman. If they are still living in the dark ages is that the sort of parish she wants to be in. Tim turns up but Janet still doesn’t want to talk to him.
  • Fallon and Ed are working on a new song in the stables. Alistair thinks he might like to drop into hear them sometime.
  • Alistair and Shula are trying to cheer Tim up but he’d rather listen to his heavy metal CDs. He’s very upset that Janet is trying to move away. She wouldn’t have contemplated it if it wasn’t for him. Alistair doesn’t get it. If they’re in love, why does anyone have to leave.
  • Fallon tries to convince Ed he needs to think about his career but he’s not interested. Alistair’s smelt Jazzer’s dope. That is going to have to stop if they want to keep on using the place for practice.

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