Josh feels neglected and David faces some extra milking duty.

Radio Times: Bert drives a hard bargain.

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  • Josh has rather taken against Ben and shown it by throwing baked beans at the wall. Solly’s trying to resolve the crisis.
  • David and Phil are wondering about the future of the Hunt. But it’s only one vote in the Commons and they have been there before. Lynda would like that but it wouldn’t be good for Shula. But there is still room for compromise. They’ve said no to Eddie over the milking. Ruth would have apoplexy. And David doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Phil to be in that draughty parlour either. Even Bert doesn’t seem keen.
  • Phil has found the family bible. It’s been in the family for ages. It’s a real history of farming. There’s a lot to be hopeful about for the future of Brookfield.
  • Ben’s spending a lot of his time asleep. They hope Josh will be all right. They will have to give them lots of attention. It’s a pity Bert doesn’t want to do the milking but they can’t blame him. David will just have to keep going. He is building the business for the children.

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