Siobhán finds a flat and prepares for a new start

Radio Times: The drinks are on Sid.

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  • Sid is trying to get fit again for the single wicket contest. Neil’s not so keen – he’s taken on some contract work and is very busy. He even has to turn David down for some relief milking because he has too much on.
  • Siobhán has found herself a new flat. Elizabeth and Nigel don’t seem too sure about it but Siobhán thinks she’ll take it. It’s not perfect but she’s ready to move on to make a fresh start.
  • Eddie’s having problems with his ferrets but Joe is more interested in Vera Lynn. Being a farmer meant something during the war. Neil doesn’t blame Clarrie for not being keen on the ferrets. She’s doing all the work at the moment – she doesn’t need anything else.
  • Sid takes the chance to wet the baby’s head but David’s still sober enough not to want Eddie to do the milking.

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