The family celebrate Benjamin’s arrival and Janet continues to pursue departure.

Radio Times: Time to celebrate.

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  • Ruth’s parents arrive to visit the new baby. He’s very laid back apparently – and also very hairy. Ruth used to be like that when she was very small.
  • Jill is inviting guests back to Brookfield again. Shula will be welcome. Ruth seems to be so happy. David is fast becoming a living legend and Shula is expecting folk songs to be sung about him in the Bull.
  • Ben doesn’t seem to look very much like anyone in either family but there is a strong resemblance to the man who services the aga. Pip is quite keen on the baby but Josh thinks he’s rather smelly.
  • Janet has her interview in Norfolk tomorrow. Part of her doesn’t want to go. She’d always wanted to be part of a close community and now she’s turning her back on it.
  • Now that the whole family is together, there is also a chance for a toast “to Benjamin David. Here’s to a long and happy life!”

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