From now on Eddie will have to share his birthday with Benjamin David Archer.

Radio Times: David’s in deep water.

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  • On the face of it, this is just another Friday evening at Brookfield. Bert is keen to get off early to help Eddie celebrate his birthday, David has worked through tea-time so gets a cuppa brought out to him. Fortunately Ruth has handed it over before the latest contraction comes on; they are more frequent now. Star that he is, Bert will not rush off – just in case.
  • Meanwhile at Keeper’s Cottage, Eddie has surrounded a large portion of Clarrie’s best Bread & Butter Pudding. Clarrie has spoken to the garage manager about Ed’s job. He is sorry; he tried hard but the owner would not accept Ed with his record. Ed is still angry about it.
  • While Bert brings the car round, Ruth decides on an alternative plan: her waters have broken and she is going back to the living room, while David phones the hospital.
  • At The Bull Eddie is enjoying a birthday drink on the house and a bit of leg pulling from Jolene and Joe.
  • Back in the thick of the action, David reassures himself that he (sic) can do it because it is just like cows! Ruth, on the other hand, has some more relevant experience to rely on and … it’s a little boy. The arrival of medical assistance is timely because, for all his experience with cows, David doesn’t have a clue what to do next.
  • Eddie is beginning to wonder what has happened to all his mates when Bert turns up with instructions from David to buy birthday drinks all round – but not for Eddie’s birthday. Ruth and baby are doing well. Ah!
  • Needless to say it does not take Jill long to come round to her old home for a peek at the new arrival, Benjamin David Archer, and needless to say he is gorgeous.

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