Janet is finding it hard to steer a righteous course and Ed’s disappointment leads him further astray.

Radio Times: Ed can’t escape the past.

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  • Joe is planning to put some compost on Lynda Snell’s borders, to put back some of the goodness washed out by the flood. This is a fine neighbourly gesture which he hopes will be rewarded by another neighbourly gesture – some pasture for Baby Spice, in spite of William being no longer interested in the cow. Jazzer has stayed the night with Ed, after a late session at Fallon’s; he is somewhat scathing about Ed’s new job which starts today.
  • Janet is tormented and is pouring out her troubles to Shula. She thinks about him all the time; if it was someone else, she would tell them to pull themselves together. She loves Tim but letting him know that she cared was unforgivable; she shouldn’t be a priest at all. She just wants to be with Tim and she resents the restriction which her calling imposes; feeling thus, how can she be more successful in another parish. Shula listens and then quietly expresses her confidence that Janet will find a way to make good come out of it all.
  • Lynda really appreciates Joe’s kindness and, despite the interruptions of Shula helping to transport some of Lynda’s books and Janet bearing a house-warming bottle of pseudo champage, he manages to get in a reminder about the paddock.
  • Ed is home early. They don’t want him after all. The owner has vetoed the appointment on the grounds of his criminal record. The manager knew and was ok about it; the owner was not but he had better watch out because, even now, Clarrie is reaching for the phone to give him a piece of her mind. She need not bother because Ed no longer cares.
  • Jazzer reckons he has had a lucky escape: washing cars is sad. Their gig last night was good; making music is what Ed should be concentrating on. Meanwhile does Ed want another smoke, or maybe something else; if Jazzer hasn’t got it he can get it. Why not, you have to try these things.

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