Brian keeps his secret in spite of some close shaves at the dinner-dance.

Radio Times: Anthony has his Cleopatra.

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  • It is the night of the dinner-dance and fancy dress costumes are being donned. Brian is very complimentary about Jennifer and reacts little when Debbie comes in with the news that Siobhán Hathaway has walked out on Tim; Debbie is not really surprised as always had him down as a bit of a womaniser! Brian has a further test when the phone rings and his response nearly gives away that he was expecting a different call; Pat needs a lift.
  • Nigel is, as ever on such occasions, addicted to animal skins and is Bottom to Elizabeth’s Titania. Siobhán has a wish or two for the fairy queen but declines the invitation to come along: she is not yet ready to face the village.
  • At the dance, Tony is late because his sports car has let him down miles away. Much to Jennifer’s disgust, Brian needs to make a quick phone call. Nigel cannot see too well and is clearly going to have trouble eating unless someone feeds him sugar lumps.
  • Siobhán was expecting a call from Brian once he heard that she was at Lower Loxley. Elizabeth and Nigel have been very kind and no, she hasn’t revealed the identity of her lover: they still think it is someone from Hannover. She correctly guesses where he is: it’s a bore but Jenny wanted to go. She is unimpressed that this call is all she is getting. She had needed Brian and he wasn’t there; she has been going through hell with Tim, still is. Debbie interrupts but Brian gets rid of her with the promise of a dance. He has to go.
  • The event is going well, organised of course by Caroline; she is off to the Gold Cup at Cheltenham tomorrow with Oliver. When Brian returns to the family group Debbie whisks him straight onto the dance floor, as promised, but not before reporting that he was having a really earnest conversation – probably with his broker.
  • Debbie thinks it is a pity that Siobhán did not come but Brian imagines she would not be in the mood. Did he see it coming? Eh!? Because he had been seeing her about his translations. No, he just threw the work at her and let her get on with it; they never discussed such things. Debbie concludes that’s the way it is, putting on a public face. Brian sums it up with ‘what a world we live in’!

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