Ed gets a job, with a bit of help from Oliver and in spite of hindrance from a resentful Eddie.

Radio Times: Things are looking up for Ed.

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  • Clarrie is trying to make plans for Eddie’s birthday but Eddie is more interested in playing with a ferret – in the kitchen! Joe has gone to help Lynda move her goat and to pursue another agenda: a new home for Baby Spice. Birthday thoughts are put aside when Oliver calls to see Ed: he has heard of a job which might suit, in a garage at Edgeley, but they are interviewing today. Eddie is unhelpful: Ed already has a job with him and, anyway, he is too busy to take Ed for interview today. Oliver is happy to fill the breach and it will get him away with the ferret he has just found on his foot.
  • Lynda actually moved the goat before Joe arrived but this was a mistake: the sight of fresh pasture was a powerful magnet. The subsequent chase has left Joe out of breath but Lynda can talk for two: she has decided that, finished or not, she and Robert will move back at the end of the week.
  • Clarrie is full of hope about Ed’s interview but Eddie raises another snag: how would he get there each day? Oliver already has the answer: one of the salesmen passes through Ambridge. So Ed is dispatched with the advice to ‘be yourself’ and Eddie is despatched with the instruction to move those ferrets!
  • Joe has installed a temporary restraint for the goat but what is really needed is an electric fence. Lynda will not have time, so Joe is happy to volunteer to install it. The whole paddock would be too much for one goat and the 3-4 acres left would be ideal for a small house cow; a new home for William’s Jersey cow would really make his day.
  • Ed returns with a long face but is only kidding: he got the job. Wait ’til he rings Jazzer: he will be jealous.

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