Tim faces life alone and wonders whether Ambridge is right place for him.

Radio Times: Time to move on.

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  • Siobhán is packing. Tim is being as helpful as he can but he doesn’t want her to go. She will come back for the rest when she has got somewhere but she feels it would be better for both if she leaves straight away. Tim’s pleas are ignored and she leaves him distraught.
  • Alistair is checking for pregnancies among the Brookfield herd. Ruth has escaped her cotton-wool wrapping and has come out to chat and help; Shula has to be persuaded not to be similarly protective about Daniel, who is feeling better. A phone call from Tim seeks a lunch date: it is over, she’s gone. As soon as he is done Alistair rushes off, leaving David to get on with reseeding some grassland and Ruth to have another twinge.
  • Siobhán ought to feel relieved but she is just numb. She watched Tim in the mirror as she drove away and he looked so wretched. They were not right together, so Elizabeth reassures her that it will be better for him too in the long run. They have all been there, it is just Siobhán’s turn: Elizabeth recalls her own experience with Cameron Fraser.
  • Tim is not hungry but just needed to talk. He knew things were not right but Siobhán leaving has still been a shock. He remembers how optimistic they were when they came to Ambridge; maybe if they had had the child this would not have happened. He declines Alistair’s invitation to supper, preferring to face the empty house sooner rather than later. His patients at this morning’s surgery don’t know yet but next time they will. He doesn’t know if he likes the place any more; he not even sure if he wants to stay.

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