Jazzer declares his feelings but Fallon doesn’t realise she is the object of his affection.

Radio Times: Fallon gives some lessons in love.

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  • At Brookfield the talk is of Christmas arrangements and of Ruth’s worries about Pip. David has prepared a leaflet on which he would like Brian’s opinion; Brian is on child-minding duty this evening, so invites him to sample a single malt at Home Farm.
  • Fallon is preparing to perform at The Tram Shed. It’s a rough venue but Jazzer is on hand to keep any rowdy elements in hand and wait on Fallon’s every need.
  • Brian approves of the leaflet but voices his concerns over the Community Shop idea.
  • At the end of the evening, Fallon is amazed that Jazzer has not noticed the hot blonde girl at the bar. She herself hasn’t noticed that Jazzer only had eyes for her, even when he confesses he has found a girl who is different and very special. He must show her how he feels. Fallon’s recommendation is to give her flowers; they do it every time; she will melt.

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