Caz gets some comfort from Nic about motherhood and relationships with parents.

Radio Times: Jazzer’s good intentions miss the mark.

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  • Caz keeps her appointment at Keeper’s Cottage but Clarrie is not back from turkey plucking; Nic is on hand to make her welcome and share with her the highs and lows of bringing up young children.
  • A very jumpy Jazzer is fishing for information about Fallon’s movements this evening.
  • Elizabeth is still stressing; they have invited a friendly audience to do a dummy run of Deck the Hall. Nigel is concerned that she is too busy even to eat properly.
  • Nic explains that when her children were born her own mum made her feel inadequate through tales of what a perfect mother she had been. Caz admits that she could have done with some support from her mum, though she doesn’t really do support. Nic extols the virtues of Lynda; she also invites Caz to Lower Loxley next week with Helen.
  • Jazzer turns up with flowers but Fallon has to tell him that some tacky carnations will not hit the spot, though she still doesn’t appreciate that she is the girl of Jazzer’s dreams. Jazzer is ready to give up but Fallon spurs him on to greater things.
  • The dummy run at Lower Loxley is a great success; at last Elizabeth is smiling.

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