Leon is caught red-handed but gets away with it.

Radio Times: Kirsty goes on the defensive.

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  • Lynda is throwing herself into her latest cause, the green burial site, but Robert recognises this is something of a diversion. Lynda is upset that she has failed to make a nice ‘home from home’ for Coriander, currently out shopping with Nic. Putting his painting job on hold, he decides that a spot of retail therapy and a nice lunch is indicated.
  • Kirsty gets a full report from Fallon of Jazzer’s flower debacle as they too do some Christmas shopping.
  • Over lunch Robert reassures Lynda that, though things did not turn out as she had planned, when Caz has had time to step back, she will be grateful. Lynda has so much love to give. She certainly hasn’t failed.
  • Their debate over where to have lunch is decided for them when Fallon and Kirsty spot Leon going into a pizza restaurant – with a girl! When, from their table across the restaurant, they see the girl head for the loo, Kirsty tackles Leon head-on. His silver-tongued excuse (she was helping him buy a nice present for Helen) is good enough to make Kirsty back down and decide that Helen is so lucky to have found such a man.
  • Lynda’s shopping trip has yielded a rather nice sweater for Justin; what does Caz think of it? Caz assures her it is beautiful and he will look fantastic in it. Put the kettle on.

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