Jazzer does not seem to be the sure-fire winner that Eddie expected; he may lose his shirt!

Radio Times: A sting for Eddie’s wallet.

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  • Lynda has decided that the village message board is too time consuming and in future it will be unmoderated. Eddie needs Lynda’s llamas out of the way; he has an urgent but unexplained dash to dissuade Jazzer from going to the dentist.
  • Jill encounters Peggy in The Bull and wants to discuss the rules for “wife-carrying”, including whether marriage is an essential qualification. However, Peggy clearly has her mind on other things.
  • Jazzer understands exactly why Eddie does not want him to have his broken tooth treated; he will lose all the money bet on Mike for the Nettle Eating contest. He is unmoved by the offer of private treatment (after the contest) plus a cut of the profits.
  • Jennifer is cleaning the holiday cottages (unlikely as that may seem) when Peggy finds her. Peggy realises she had made a bad situation worse and wants to apologise. She has scoured the internet and found organisations which help parents who have discovered that their child is, well, you know, like Adam. Gay, you mean! Jennifer’s past angst pours out as she accuses her mother of offering support tinged with disapproval. Adam may very well settle down – with a man. Is marriage so wonderful? Jennifer has not forgotten the years of watching her stupid father drink himself to death, even if her mother has. She loves Adam and hopes that Peggy does too – for what he is, not what she wants him to be.
  • Oh dear, fresh from the dentist Jazzer cannot manage a single nettle leaf, so it looks as if he will not romp home as an outsider. This is going to cost Eddie a fortune.

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