Peggy struggles, not very successfully, to come to terms with her grandson’s sexuality.

Radio Times: Tony relives his lost youth.

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  • Tony and Pat are enjoying a day at Silverstone, surrounded by MGs and musing about what might have been, having talked to an enthusiast who now farms in America. Tony seems to be just a tad nervous about his impending high speed ride round the circuit, especially when he realises that the driver is only Tom’s age. Nevertheless Pat is required to record the occasion for posterity.
  • It is Adam’s birthday and Peggy is finding it all rather awkward. Adam assures her that he likes the shirt she has bought him and Brian thinks that an eligible bachelor like Adam needs smartening up. (So he’s clearly not been let in on the secret!) A phone call sends Brian rushing off to sort out a problem at the fishing lake but not before querying what is the matter with Peggy.
  • Adam assures his mother that his gran’s attitude is nobody’s problem but her own and she will have to deal with it herself.
  • Peggy just does not know what to say to him. Jack thinks Adam will become ‘normal’ the instant he meets the girl of his dreams.
  • Tony survives his lap without needing a clean pair but decides he would not swap his Esme for such a high performance car.
  • Brian returns just as Adam is leaving for a night out in Borchester. Jack knows the venue as a nice traditional pub but Adam thinks he will find that the management has changed since he knew it! Peggy decides it is time for them to go too. Brian wonders whether Peggy’s attitude was down to something he had done but begs Jenny to tell him when she finds out; he would love to know.

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