Adam does some straight talking to tell his gran how inappropriate is her matchmaking.

Radio Times: Peggy’s plans come undone.

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  • At the Riding Course, Lynda talks to Jenny. The message board is causing problems; she’s discovered some racist comments stemming from Usha’s birthday party and been accused of censorship. Lynda’s role in maintaining the message board is becoming increasingly central to village life, though.
  • Lynda’s importance as a resident does not appear to extend to the Village Fete committee, however. She is distinctly miffed to hear from Peggy and Shula that a meeting took place without her. Still, they will be needing an expert commentator for the Wife Carrying Contest, so who better than Lynda herself?
  • The stresses imposed by Debbie’s departure continue to escalate when Brian’s farm worker, Geoff, tells Jenny that he’s off on holiday for two weeks, and that he had cleared it with Debbie. When she relays this information to Brian, he throws another temper tantrum, but it just might have more to do with the fact that Debbie is in regular contact with Alice and Adam, but still refuses to speak to him, and he’s hurt.
  • Adam is concerned that his recent bombshell must have upset Jenny, but she assures him that’s not the case; it’s just that she wishes she’d known earlier. Her experience as a single mother made them very close. She’d always felt that Adam was special.
  • Peggy gives her (unasked for) opinion on the reasons for Debbie’s divorce, then manages to put her foot in it well and truly, when she tries to fix Adam up with the daughter of one of Jack’s golfing cronies. Politely, Adam thanks her, but tells her the situation. He’s gay, so is just not interested.

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