Susan speaks her mind; if she can get a better job, Tom will need a new sausage packer.

Radio Times: Fallon celebrates in style.

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  • Tom’s trying to fix John’s old disco lights for Fallon’s birthday party. Pat offers him advice for his Glastonbury venture. Tony would have helped mend the lights, but he’s more interested in fixing the new hood on Esme, ready for Silverstone.
  • At the sausage factory, Tom and Susan are making good progress, but they agree to differ on the GM foods topic; for Susan it all comes down to price, not conviction.
  • Tony’s love affair with his MG is beginning to annoy Pat, especially when he tactlessly suggests that Neil should take Christopher to Silverstone for the day – it’s only £15. The prospect of a car park packed with MGs doesn’t seem to hold the same attraction for Pat, either.
  • Susan is in nagging mode. She’s taken on too many part-time jobs, and is feeling the strain. But there’s a maternity leave job coming up at Borchester Green School, and she’s putting in an application. Her loyalty to Tom is doubtful; she only took the job because she was desperate, and is keen to better herself. Meanwhile she has a major go at Neil who looked like a pig-man in Tom’s promotional photos. As Neil points out, that’s scarcely surprising since he is a pig-man.
  • Fallon is delighted with her digital camera, and Brenda has given her the name of a roadie. She’s very excited about going to Glastonbury, though Sid views things differently. Kirsty has got a ticket, too, so he’ll be short-staffed at the Bull.
  • For once, Tony and Pat agree about something; Helen’s become very boring since she took up with Greg. Pat thinks she is jealous of Tom because he knows how to have a good time.

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