Adam tells his mother that he’s gay; Brian is exhausted and still full of remorse over Debbie.

Radio Times: Heart to heart at Home Farm.

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  • A post-card from Africa gives Jenny the chance to sound Adam out about his African adventures. Not one to beat about the bush, Adam tells his mother that he’s gay. Brian coming in from the farm puts a stop to the conversation.
  • While Pip and Ruth train Britney to stand properly, Usha discusses the party and the line-up of unattached males. She admits that she feels increasingly an outsider and longs to be an insider. Her Indian culture seems more and more attractive. Ruth suggests getting a cat as an emotional stop-gap.
  • Adam finds his mother alone and wants to tell her the full story. He met Alex in Africa and fell in love with him, but Adam’s possessiveness and jealousy caused it all to fall apart. That’s why he went back to Nairobi and a new placement with Farm Africa. Jenny assures him it’s not a problem … not for her, anyway.
  • Brian is exhausted and still full of remorse over Debbie’s departure. No matter how good Adam is, he’ll never be as good a farm manager as Debbie. Jenny persuades him to have a bath and an early night. She’ll bring him a hot drink.

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