Usha’s not playing ball and Auntie Satya gives up finding her a husband.

Radio Times: Party and partners for Usha?

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  • It’s Usha’s turn to have a birthday, and Auntie Satya has it all planned. She’ll be at the Village Hall by 5 o’clock to get the party ready.
  • Fallon is fed up with cooking sausages while Tom turns the charm on prospective customers, but Brenda is impressed. Fallon intends to use the Glastonbury experience to promote her CD. Perhaps Wayne Foley could help, too, says Brenda.
  • At the party, Ruth is amazed at the number of guests. Auntie Satya is clearly determined to find Usha a husband out of this lot. Usha isn’t keen on Auntie’s first choice, Ravi, but he doesn’t seem too upset; in fact he heads for the Bull with Brenda. Vikram is a bit more interesting, but Auntie Satya parades so many eligible bachelors past Usha that she ends up totally confused. The eligible bachelors are confused, too, by Bert’s tales of Baby Spice and the Village Hall improvements. But Usha’s not having any of Auntie Satya’s instant match-making and tells her so. In that case, says Auntie, she’s on her own.

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