The Hand of Fete: is this year’s special event to be wife-carrying?.

Radio Times: Birthday blues at Brookfield.

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  • It’s Ruth’s birthday and she claims to be looking forward to feeding all the family. Phil and Jill have given her a new waxed jacket, which Ben instantly christens with yoghurt.
  • Just as Jill is about to leave for the fete meeting at the Bull, David comes in with bad news; one of the Hereford bullocks is down and it looks serious.
  • The fete committee is looking rather thin, and Chairwoman Jenny is not pleased, in fact she’s plain rude. Her mood is, of course, all down to Debbie’s departure and its knock-on effects. But Jolene has come up with a bright idea – wife carrying, with a weigh-in at the start. Everyone bar Jenny thinks it could be fun.
  • Alistair confirms David’s worst fears. The Hereford has broken its leg and will have to be put down. New legislation means that they can’t even butcher it at Brookfield unless David eats the lot himself! The abattoir won’t take the carcass, so it will have to be used for dog’s meat. What a waste of £1000 of prime Hereford beef. Even Alistair is upset. Then Ruth reminds them that it’s still her birthday. Some celebration.

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