Jazzer has clearly used the interview to get a pay rise out of Tom. Helen is out and out rude to Olwen in advance of the Food and Farming Awards tomorrow.

Radio Times: The stress levels rise for Helen, while Tom attempts a negotiation

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  • Helen is still whining about Olwen. She doesn’t even load the dishwasher because she shockingly does it by hand. Olwen appears once the coast is clear. She clearly knows she isn’t welcome and remarks on Helen’s fussing about the Food and Farming judges coming tomorrow.
  • Jazzer thinks his interview went well. They were well impressed and they as good as offered him the job but he’s still thinking about it. This is obviously a scam to get Tom to offer more money which he does. Jazzer says he’ll let him know.
  • Pat takes Olwen for a walk around the farm. She is initially impressed until she finds out that she sold land to a developer. Pat tries to convince her it was to secure the future of the farm but Olwen isn’t convinced. How affordable will the affordable housing be? Lynda appears with a new dog they are borrowing. Olwen isn’t impressed with that either. She shouldn’t be talking about breeds but should just go to a refuge to pick one. Lynda prefers a borrow a dog website.
  • Tom thinks Helen is going too far by closing the farm shop. Tom doesn’t think Sheila Dillon will even be interested but Helen thinks she will and she complains that Olwen will probably ruin everything. She’s not much more positive about Jazzer. Tom says he’ll try to keep him away but he doesn’t want to rock the boat while Jazzer is still deciding.
  • Neil tells Jazzer he didn’t get the job. Jazzer tells him to throw away his application. He wasn’t interested anyway. Neil doesn’t understand why he applied then. Jazzer won’t say but offers to buy Neil a pint as compensation. Lynda bumps into Neil at The Bull. She asks if Brian has been there long. She sees he is hunched up in a window seat. He’s obviously been plotting something.
  • When Helen turns up for lunch she is equally dismissive of Olwen, telling her she needs to help Pat with lunch. Helen does sound a bit ashamed. Pat tells her she should be more supportive. Helen says she’ll try as long as she keeps her out of the way tomorrow.

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