Helen is furious with Olwen for making a scene in front of Sheila Dillon. Olwen leaves but Pat is determined to find her.

Radio Times: Olwen puts her foot in it and Fallon’s views are challenged

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  • Fallon is trying to butter Harrison up. They talk about Will and Emma and say how it is hard to think they were ever married. That makes Fallon start to fuss about upsetting Harrison again. She is even more convinced when he says he’d rather spend the day doing paperwork than going out with her.
  • Olwen realises Pat is trying to keep her out of Helen’s way. Olwen says it is fine. If she was Helen she would do the same. She tells Pat to assure Helen she would rather hear Sheila Dillon on the radio.
  • Jolene tells Fallon Harrison is bound to feel rejected. She shouldn’t judge all men by the standards of her father. Harrison is a good man. Jolene says it sounds as if she isn’t entirely sure she wants to keep him. Fallon says that is nonsense but Jolene says Harrison might not see it that way. Fallon says it was the will that freaked her out. Jolene tells her she is just being sensible. Having listened to Jolene, Fallon tells Harrison since it will make him happy she will make her will too.
  • The visit with Sheila Dillon seems to go well though Helen flies off the handle when she finds Olwen had moved her file – until she is told that is was because she was worried Jack would spill his orange juice.
  • Olwen and Pat are getting ingredients for lunch in the shop when Helen appears with Sheila. It gives Olwen the chance to go off on a rant about how the importance of decent food at cheap prices is more important than posh cheeses, however delicious. Pat steers her away and says she will go back to make sure things are fine and Olwen says she needs to go for a long walk.
  • Helen is furious. If that has cost her the award it will be intolerable. Pat Pat for making her part of their home, and says being her friend means a lot to her but everyone will feel more comfortable if she leaves. Pat is determined to find her again. Society may have failed Olwen but Pat won’t give up on her.

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