Will is becoming obsessed with Jake which makes Eddie think he’d be better off with his father and Jake texts to say he isn’t coming back until Sunday.

Radio Times: Alistair opens up and Eddie has a controversial suggestion

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  • Helen gave Clarrie the day off after the Food programme visit. Apparently Sheila was quite impressed with her. William has been over buying stuff to welcome Jake home. Eddie thinks he doesn’t understand that Jake needs some space. It is still so soon but Will needs to start to let things go a bit. Carrying on as he is isn’t helping him or the kids. Eddie thinks Jake should stay with his dad a bit longer. Clarrie is shocked at the suggestion that he should stay away as long as he needs. How could Eddie even think that?
  • Alistair and Dan discuss bagels with their mouths full. Dan suggests a walk. Alistair is immediately suspicious and Dan admits he knows about the gambling. He instantly jumps to the conclusion that it was Shula that told him and is nearly as cross when he finds out it was Kenton. Why did he have to tell him? Dan says it was because he wanted him to know that Shula stood by him. Alistair admits she was amazing. But maybe they never fully recovered. He broke their trust. He tried so hard to regain it. But he was never good enough for her. Dan tells him he was always good enough for him.
  • Will continues to obsess over Jake and goes off to drive into Borchester to get ingredients for the “special pizza” Jake likes, even not bothering about who will pick up Poppy. Clarrie thinks it shows how much Will loves him but Eddie insists that neither Will nor Clarrie are looking at it from Jake’s point of view. He knows how he feels. He lost his mother too. Joe behaved exactly the same way as Will. Trying to turn “my Susan” into a saint. She was Eddie’s Susan to and constantly talking about her got in the way of his own memories of her. Jake needs to grieve in his own way. But Clarrie thinks it will be the end of Will if he loses Jake too. But Eddie insists it isn’t all about Will, it is what is best for everyone and Jake might not think that staying with Will is best for him.
  • Shula apologises to Dan for what she said. Dan says it doesn’t matter now. Now he knows about the gambling he understands more. Shula is cross Kenton told him but that isn’t relevant to their split up. Dan tells her Alistair thinks it is but she says he won’t find answers there. Dan says he used to think they were both perfect but now he realises they are both just human. He thinks that his perfect childhood was a lie but Shula insists it wasn’t. They both loved him and each other then but that’s changed now. Dan says he’s starting to get it. But he doesn’t get the way she is treating Alistair. It is cruel and unfeeling. She should be treating Alistair the way he deserves.
  • Will gets back and says Jake has texted him to say he won’t be coming back today. He’s going to the football. But he’ll be back on Sunday which will give Will the chance to make everything more special and he’ll be back where he belongs.

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