Alistair hears some hard words from Shula and Will struggles when he finds Jake doesn’t want to return home.

Radio Times: Alistair struggles to cope. Will is left disappointed

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  • Ed and Will have a chat early morning on Sunday. Will can only talk about Jake coming home. Past conflicts are touched upon but Will insists that everyone needs to stick together. Will also notes that he will correct his kids; it is not Emma’s job.
  • Jim comes upon Alistair sleeping on the sofa. His neck is sore but he had to get away from Jazzer’s snoring. Jim blames Shula for making everyone think that the separation was mutual. Alistair forgives Jim for telling Dan; perhaps it was for the best.
  • Will shows Shula a new pair of trainers he bought for Jake but Shula knows nothing about football trainers. Shula takes the opportunity to apologise for her remarks last week but Will said he is sure she meant no harm. He tends to take everything too hard. Shula has been to service at the Felpersham Cathedral. They both agree the anonymity is a nice escape from those who mean well.
  • Shula arrives at Jim’s house with something for Alistair. Dan told his mother that Alistair is sleeping badly so she brought his orthopedic pillow. She tries to give it to Jim but he insists she present it to Alistair herself. Shula asks if Alistair is comfortable at Jim’s; he replies in the negative but what can he do? Shula begs Alistair to return to The Stables. Does she mean she wishes to try again, asks Alistair? Shula immediately replies, NO. She is sorry and she will stay at Elizabeth’s since she is the one who should move out. There is no rush to divorce, Shula notes, but Alistair is stunned she would use that word. Alistair demands to know if divorce isn’t planned, why did she mention it? Shula apologises; she was only thinking of Alistair. Alistair goes on a tear: everything is meant to be nice and clean with a total break. Shula can then move on, leaving Alistair broken and baffled with no understanding as to what has happened or why. Shula can only repeat that she wants Alistair to move back to The Stables. Does Shula really think all will be well if he just has a proper pillow? Does Alistair think this is easy for Shula, she asks? Alistair retorts that if he had the slightest inkling that Shula was feeling bad or upset at the end of their marriage, he might feel differently. But for now, he will stay at Jim’s-and thank you for the pillow!
  • Will goes to Andrew’s to collect Jake and he talks on about the new trainers and how he is looking forward to seeing Jake. Andrew reluctantly tells Will that they must talk. Will tells Andrew no, Jake can’t stay with him. Andrew replies he and Ellie his partner have already told Jake he could. Without even asking Will? It’s Jake’s choice, points out Andrew. Ellie got Jake to open up and he is struggling. Jake knows he messed up and he understands Emma was out of order but that was the last straw. What was before the last straw? Jake hated visiting the burial ground and he doesn’t like thinking of Nic buried there. He wants to have a normal life with his own space. They can work out a regular visiting schedule. Doesn’t this make sense, asks Andrew? Not really, replies Will dejectedly. Nothing makes sense since Nic died.
  • Ed brings Will a beer as he sits in the garden. Will can’t make Jake come home; he wants to stay with Andrew. Why didn’t Jake tell Will himself? Maybe Jake didn’t want to upset Will, says Ed. Maybe Will should just leave things be. No, decides Will; if he allows Jake to stay with Andrew, he would be letting Nic down. And he can’t let that happen.

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