Peggy is furious with Brian when she finds out his part in the contamination and Pat is determined to use the money to help the hungry.

Radio Times: Peggy discovers the truth

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  • Jennifer is on the phone to Adam when Brian comes in with a flippant remark. He has to apologise when Jennifer tells him that the transfer didn’t work. Lexi isn’t pregnant. Brian then announces he will set up a separate office at The Bull and Jenny will just have to trust him on what he is doing. Jennifer mutters she used to be so good at trusting him but she won’t tolerate secrets any longer.
  • Helen and Pat bring some emergency provisions to Peggy. Pat is full of praise for her grandsons and their antics. She appeals to Jennifer to chime into the conversation about grandchildren but Jennifer is subdued. After Pat and Helen leave, Jennifer tells Peggy the sad news about Adam and Ian. Peggy tries to cheer her up but she expresses support for Brian. Jennifer blurts out Brian’s guilt over the contamination of the land. She tells Peggy Brian lied to everyone so he doesn’t deserve the sympathy. Peggy is aghast and very angry with Brian.
  • Brian is on the telephone at The Bull making phone calls but people seem to be avoiding him. Tony asks why he is there and sympathises with the difficulty after giving up running the family farm. Brian is a bit bristly but agrees to accompany Tony to give advice on his project.
  • Tony wants Brian to see what he has done in restoring his tractor. Brian is less than impressed as is Tom when he passes by. But Tony points out to Brian there is always something to be done and it brings great satisfaction. It is restorative to Tony and to the tractor. Josh has put out an attractive offer and Tony asks Brian’s opinion. Brian says hold onto it; isn’t that what Tony wishes him to advise? Tony laughs agreeably and Tom reminds him about a family meeting. Tony gives Brian some good advice on letting go but Brian is resistant.
  • Peggy runs into Brian and she gives him a critical lashing. She is furious. Brian criticises Jennifer’s loyalty but the comment makes Peggy even angrier. Luckily for Brian, a call comes in to save him from further comments from his mother-in-law.
  • At the meeting at Bridge Farm, Tony isn’t impressed with Tom and Helen’s plans. The money isn’t being spent on farming but on teaching other people. Pat is upset about spending a great deal of money on a fancy kitchen when people are going hungry every day. Helen interjects that Pat is still thinking of Olwen. Yes, but Olwen is right, declares Pat. They need to do something that really helps people. Like what? Pat wishes she could ask Olwen what she thinks but Pat doesn’t even know where she is.

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