Jazzer looks forward to a new challenge. Elizabeth looks forward to renewing an old acquaintance. Adam has nothing to look forward to.

Radio Times: Jazzer gets a new lease of life.

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  • Mike gives Jazzer a stream of hints about the milk round. Jazzer fails to find Mike’s jokes amusing, but seems genuinely keen to give the new job a go.
  • Adam is furious, as usual. He’s found an email from Debbie, away at her conference, giving him his orders for the estate land. Brian can’t, or doesn’t want to see Adam’s point of view, and continues to be full of praise for Debbie. They are interrupted by the milk delivery, and Brian can’t believe his eyes when he sees Jazzer. He wonders whether Tom is aware that his pig man is moonlighting. Mike tries to ask Adam’s advice about courses at an agricultural college, but Adam is too full of Debbie and her orders to be other than curt with him.
  • David asks Elizabeth if she would let Sophie have the use of Lower Loxley for her fashion show. Elizabeth is pleased to help an old friend, and readily agrees. By a strange coincidence, David seems to have Sophie’s number stored in his mobile.
  • While Jennifer gives Peggy some help with Jack, Brian and Adam have to make their own lunch. Adam reports that there are no vehicles to be seen on the estate; Debbie must have sacked the contractors already. Brian again praises Debbie’s judgement, but Adam demands to know how they are to manage it when they are already short staffed at Home Farm. Airily, Brian says they will talk to Debbie when she gets home.

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