Jazzer moans. Jake moans. Spencer almost buys some sunglasses. Mia disappears.

Radio Times: There is a nightmare in store for Nic, and Jazzer shares his woes.

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  • Anticipating getting an early night in preparation for his milk-round, Jazzer is not happy when Harry plays loud music as he mixes a tape for Zofia. It becomes a cue for Jazzer to moan endlessly to everyone he meets about the problem of having Zofia in the flat.
  • Pip and the stultifyingly wooden Spencer have booked a holiday to Dubrovnik. Pip seems to think Jazzer would like to see a photo of the hotel they are going to. Pausing in his anti-Harry-and-Zophia tirade for a few seconds, Jazzer asks if he can come too.
  • Nic takes Clarrie and the children into town. Clarrie is down because the cleaning job she saw advertised was already taken. Nic suggests putting a card up saying she is looking for work. Meanwhile Jake and Mia squabble endlessly.
  • In preparation for his romantic trip to Dubrovnik, Spencer contemplates buying a new pair of sunglasses. The he meets Jazzer again, who continues to moan about his flatmates.
  • Clarrie finds a cheap wallet for Joe’s birthday, and some earrings in a sale for her sister’s 60th. She is upset that she can no longer afford proper presents, though Nic does her best to be encouraging. They come across Harry, looking for a present for Zofia. He asks where Mia is; she has disappeared.
  • Gallant Harry scours the streets of Borchester for the missing Mia while Nic is increasingly frantic with worry. Eventually Clarrie returns with the missing child, who had wandered back to her favourite ‘shiny shop’. A grateful Nic tells Harry she doesn’t know what she would have done without him.

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