Jazzer proves his worth and even Neville Booth is silenced.

Radio Times: Jazzer puts his money where his mouth is.

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  • At last the day of the Ambridge talent show arrives. The Clapometer is working splendidly, the judges’ buzzer is at full throttle, Ruth is more strident than ever and David in full-on moaning mode. The only flaw appears to be the absence of Neville Booth, but even that problem is soon rectified, and a packed house eagerly awaits Ambridge’s stars.
  • David can’t understand why Pip wouldn’t come, and is upset that Ben should want to sit with Ruairidh, but soon Usha joins them, and as she and Ruth screech enthusiastically, David’s moans go unheard.
  • First night nerves begin to show. Molly Button imperiously demands jelly beans and fizzy drinks; the strobe has to be disconnected in case it upsets Hilary Noakes’ cockatoo; Luke Johnson’s performing dog Sonic oddly fails to perform, and Judge Neville Booth soon proves hard to please as he buzzes each act off the stage, to Lynda’s fury. Only Mr Pullen’s musical spoons prove impervious.
  • Jedward proves popular, and a delighted Josh and Jamie walk off with the prized tickets to see Felpersham City. In the adult section, Eddie and Joe, Hilary Noakes, Nathan Booth aka Michael Jackson and Ambridge’s own singing milkman battle it out. Jazzer gives a rendering of The Roses o’ Prince Charlie that ensures there will not be a dry eye in the house, and the Clapometer goes right off the scale as Ambridge erupts into wild applause. Jazzer McCreary has surely got talent.

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