Lilian fails to tell the truth. Jill tries to come to terms with the truth. Tom finds the truth hard to take.

Radio Times: Jill gets good support on Good Friday.

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  • After her trip to London, Lilian finds Ambridge very dull. She arrives early for lunch at Home Farm, but is evasive when Jennifer presses her about what she did in London. When Lilian says she enjoyed herself, Jennifer suggests coming on the next visit, but Lilian quickly finds reasons why she shouldn’t.
  • Shula goes to the Good Friday service with her mother. She’s worried about Jill, but Jill points out that she has to learn to adapt to life without Phil, and that means spending some time on her own. She appreciates everyone’s kindness, but she must find a balance.
  • Jennifer reveals that Brian finally told her about Kate’s restlessness, and now she’s worried. She’s tried to tell Kate how lucky she is to have her own and Lucas’ family, but Kate is so headstrong and impetuous that Jennifer fears she may do something rash.
  • Tom comments that there’s an Easter wedding at Lower Loxley, and asks Brenda if that’s what she’d like. Brenda is taken aback, and snaps at Tom, accusing him of being jealous of Helen and her hoped-for baby. They go for a walk, and Brenda explains that for her, living with Tom equals commitment. She must find a job and establish a career before she thinks of marriage and children. She loves Tom, but she won’t marry him. Is that OK, she asks. Glumly Tom says it will have to be.

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