Jazzer recovery produces depressing song lyrics; Caroline takes Oliver line-dancing – a once only experience!

Radio Times: Caroline’s a tease.

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  • Fallon calls in to see Jazzer during her lunch break. He is still constantly tired, though is keen to get together with Ed and keep the band going
  • Ed is giving Oliver a hand with his bullocks when he gets a call from Fallon asking whether he can get into Borchester this evening to see Jazzer. Oliver obliges with a lift – even better. He (Oliver) is meeting up with Caroline. He tells Ed about Caroline being put out over the attention he was paying to Jolene at the barn dance, and is intrigued to learn of the ‘thing’ that Eddie once had with Jolene…
  • Shula and Caroline are talking. Caroline is anxious about the ever absent Jason and the progress on the building work. Shula offloads about the troubles surrounding the drugs case, though Caroline is sure it will only be a 9 day wonder.
  • At Jazzers, Fallon and Ed are eating pizza. Jazzer has written a new song about how he is feeling after his hospital episode. Fallon and Ed are impressed. There is only one verse so far, but it is heavy stuff.
  • Caroline and Oliver have met up – at a line-dancing class of all places. Caroline is getting her own back by gently teasing Oliver about his ‘Jolene’ experience. In the interval, the song ‘Jolene’ plays in the background, and they both make for the door as quickly as possible!
  • Alistair and Shula are unwinding at the end of the day. Alistair’s planning how to buy out Theo, and they discuss how to procede with the conversion to the stables. It may not be plain sailing, but Alistair is confident that everything will work out

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