Brian shows more than just an interest in baby Ben; Sid books a honeymoon in Nashville – Yee Haa !!

Radio Times: Honky-tonk honeymoon for Sid and Jolene.

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  • Mike has gone over to Home farm early to check out some work. Brian is glad to be out of the house for the day – Jenny’s preparations for their wedding anniversary bash are all too much for him!
  • Kenton has escaped from Lower Loxley – Elizabeth is lining up work for him which is not so appealing. David and Ruth haven’t got the time to entertain him; as David points out, they have a farm to run.
  • At the Bull, Mike thanks Sid for his wedding invitation. Evidently other than the wedding suit, Sid has loads of things still to do in preparation for the big day, not least to sort out the honeymoon. Kenton arrives and offers to help boost the cricket team numbers. Jolene has some good news – the C&W band are confirmed for the reception. Kenton wangles an invite.
  • David and Brian are on a farm visit, desperate for a cup of tea. David enquires as to the state of Brian’s oil seed rape. All is fine as Debbie sprayed theirs with fungicide. (Not so in Davids case, so a few choice words with Debbie coming up methinks!). When they get back from the farm visit Brian is uncharacteristically smitten with Ben…
  • Back at the Bull, Sid returns from Borchester with a honeymoon surprise for Jolene – a trip to Nashville, Tenasee. A C&W lovers dream come true!

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