Brian and Jenny’s anniversary party swings nicely; Chris expresses reservations over Alastairs vet move to the Stables; Siobhán starts bleeding, can’t get hold of Brian so Tim goes over.

Radio Times: Siobhán fears the worst.

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  • It’s the day (or evening) of Brian and Jenny’s wedding anniversary party. All the usual suspects are due to turn up, though before the party starts Brian gushes to Jenny how wonderful everything is between them and what a splendid 26 years they have had!!!
  • With the party in full swing the talk with Phil, Jill and Chris is all about the planned move by Alastair of the veterinary practice to the stables. Chris certainly is not keen on the idea though eventually concedes that she finds it hard to fully let go emotionally of the stables, having put a large portion of her life into building them up. During the party the phone rings, although there is no-one on the other end when Jenny goes to pick it up…….
  • The phone call was from Siobhán. she has started bleeding and was desperately trying to get hold of Brian. She has already spoken to her doctor who has told her not to worry, and to come down to the surgery first thing in the morning. Even more desperate, she rings Tim, though now it is 2 o’clock in the morning. Tim promises to come over right away…

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