Tim punches Brian in the face after comforting Siobhán through the night; Brian keeps up his deception to Jenny.

Radio Times: Tim hits the target.

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  • At Siobhán’s flat in the early hours of the morning Tim has arrived and is talking to and trying to comfort Siobhán. He reassures her there is not likely to be any danger to the baby. They talk about what might have been if they had not lost their baby, though no suggestion of a reconciliation between them
  • Meanwhile, back at the ranch (well, Home Farm actually) Jenny and Debbie are talking about the success of last night’s party. Out in the yard Brian has just returned from taking Alice to school when Tim roars up to a screeching halt. He gets out of the car and thumps Brian in the face, saying “You bastard!” (Didn’t think words like that were allowed in the Archers….). Brian goes into the house to much sympathy and concern from Debbie and Jenny. He makes an excuse about a hydraulic hose and despite protestations from Jenny and Debbie, refuese to see a doctor (especially Tim!) or go to casualty.
  • Tim is telling Janet about hitting Brian. She thinks he should not have done such a thing, and after a snappy retort from Tim, she seems a bit concerned that Tim spent the night at Siobhán’s flat. He assures her that there was nothing to worry about in that respect, and that he has no regrets about punching Brian in the face.
  • Brian has gone to see Siobhán. She gently soothes his hurt eye and now Brian gets paranoid about Tim spending the night with her. However, after seeing a scan image of the baby, Brian is terribly moved and can really relate to the reality of the baby now. Siobhán tells him everything is going to be fine………

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