Posh Spice does more damage but Jason saves the day; Hayley gives a pro-development interview on the radio; an annonymous donor helps the Jubilee fund reach it’s target

Radio Times: Hayley takes to the air waves.

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  • The bovine vandal has been up to her old tricks again. Indeed, the Grundy’s spice girl has this time trampled through George’s garden ruining his corgettes and not only that, has walked through the concrete ramp Jason has been constructing at the village hall. Christine is fraught that the grand opening on Monday will not be possible now, but Jason assures her that he can do the repairs in time (aided and abetted by some mystery friend called Barry!)
  • Hayley is nervous about her forthcoming interview on Radio Borsetshire about the new housing development. Whilst giving Kenton a lift into Ambridge, they practise what she is going to say. Kenton also grumbles about prefering to spend the day in the pub rather than helping David out on the farm.
  • Jason finishes the repairs to the trampled concrete – hooray! Whilst talking to Chris, Kenton comes out of the Bull and turns on Jason’s radio to listen to Hayley’s interview. Christine is appalled at Hayley’s pro-development stance, and takes Hayley’s remarks about the smug older generation of Ambridge very personally. Jason on the other hand agrees with Hayley. In the nick of time George arrives to break up the row with some good news – there has been an annonymous donation to the Village Hall Jubilee fund which means they have now reached their target of £9,000. Splendid!!

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