Lynda’s goat dies – she blames Alastair; Chris still upset about Hayley’s radio interview

Radio Times: The bells ring out.

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  • Goodness this was dire ………..and must have been SOOOOO cheap to make
  • Alistair and Shula discuss future plans. Shula is concerned that a single vet practice may mean too much work. Lynda storms in , Persephone is ill, she needs help.
  • Neil is helping Christine with the preparations for the Jubilee party in the village hall. Lynda arrives, upset that Alistair hasn’t been to see Persephone. Although she’s come to help, it’s no good, she’s too worried – it’s no good. She goes off to phone Robert.
  • In the bell tower Shula is grizzling about future plans to Nigel. He tries to reassure her and the bell ringing practice begins.
  • Alistair and Christine are putting up the bunting on the green when he sees Lynda on the warpath . Persephone died just before the locum had got there. How could Alistair let her down? He manages to calm her down but she still gets in a sly remark about letting standards slip. They start to talk about Hayley’s radio broadcast and her support of the housing development with its starter homes. Chris is still furious about Hayley’s attitude but Lynda is more understanding. Alistair’s not ging to get drawn into the arguement, he can see both sides.

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