Jubilee festivities all round; A few tense moments between Tim, Siobhán, and Brian; Christine still annoyed with Hayley

Radio Times: Jubilee celebrations.

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  • On the big day Ambridge is host to a throng . Everyone – even Lizzie – has turned up to help. Hayley, doing her bit as charity collector in a teddy bear suit ( surely very good for an ‘outsider’ – sorry I’m a Hayley fan……) is trying to keep out of Christine’s way after the broadcast debacle. There’s embarrassment for Brain as everyone seems SO sympathetic over his ‘ accident’. He can hardly come up with the truth now can he?
  • Over the public address system Christine is thanking everyone who has made the Village hall refurbishment a possibility – especially the last minute mystery donor. Siobhán remarks sadly to Lizzie that Brian and Jennifer seem to be having a good time…………
  • Siobhán and Tim bump into each other and she tells him that he shouldn’t have hit Brian. She finds Lizzie to tell her that she’s leaving.
  • Mike – now in the teddy bear suit ( he’s thought they said teddy – BOY!) teases Brian about his black eye, but when Jennifer explains he is full of immediate sympathy – after all it was something similar causes him to lose his eye. Much to Brian’s horror Tim is called over, and asked to give an opinion of the results of the accident. Tongue firmly in cheeks Tim says that the eye is fine, Brian should be a lot more careful in future!
  • Later on in the Bull. Hayley tries to explain to Chris what she really meant on the radio and to apologise, but Chris isn’t having any .
  • The beacon is lit by Phil, who reminds Jill about the first time he bought her up to Lakey Hill by moonlight. Outside The Bull, during the firework display, everyone raises their glasses to toast the Queen.

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