Kenton gives Ruth a scare over the children; Hayley receives some hate mail over her Radio Borchester broadcast.

Radio Times: Someone’s sending anonymous letters.

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  • A bored and loose – endish Kenton interrupts and surprises Ruth by offering to help out on the farm ( obviously Lower Loxley has exhausted all entertainment prospects) A somewhat surprised Ruth agrees but tells him he’ll have to work it out with David. After looking for his second free cuppa Kenton makes off with all the children for a half hour’s walk.
  • Fallon comes across Ed cleaning up Jazzer’s old dirt bike…… he obviously has intentions to take it into Borchester for Jaz. Fallon has to do some talking to get Ed to understand that its probably not a good idea…….. Fallons got some extra cash – Sid paid her well for the bank Holiday stint in the Bull. She wants to go and look at mini-disc players….maybe Sid will give her a lift to Felpersham tomorrow.
  • At Nightingale Farm Hayley is moaning to Roy about the attitude of villagers towards her after the infamous broadcast…….. They haven’t got anything in for lunch either. Roy offers to treat them and Mrs Antrobus to a meal at the Bull as a pick-me up.
  • Much more than half an hour later , Kenton hasn’t returned and Ruth is out searching. She spots Ed out on a dirt bike and asks if he’s seen him …….yes, over at Nightingale Farm talking to Roy and Hayley. There’s a squeal of brakes and shower of gravel ( sorry I made that up) and she arrives to rescue her brood from Uncle K’s clutches, shoving him and the kids in the back of the car.
  • Roy and Hayley discover the postman’s called late -or so they think. In fact it’s an anonymous printed ( does that mean typed or ransom note style?) on grey paper. A not-very-nice note to the queen of the airwaves telling her to get back where she came from. Nasty!

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