Kenton’s day’s work for David proves to be rather short; Sid and Fallon seem to reach a new milestone; Peggy shows support for Hayley

Radio Times: Bonding time for Sid and Fallon.

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  • Whilst sorting lambs, David is annoyed that Debbie had sprayed Home Farm’s rape, but not Brookfield’s, which became diseased, and sounds off to Kenton about it. Big brother is just pleased to be ‘ working’ after doing minor jobs around Lower Loxley. David, understandably is relieved to have the the pressure taken off, what with Bert and Ruth not being up to strength yet.
  • Sid gives Fallon a lift into Felpersham and asks her to help him choose his wedding tuxedo. Fallon manages to get him to choose something a little more sober than he would otherwise.
  • Roy tells Mrs Woolley that Hayley is very upset over the radio show affair. It seems that some villagers are being very down on her. With true (!) Christian charity Mrs W. thinks Hayley has only herself to blame amd is most unsympathetic. Of course she turns tail completely when shown the letter and tells him not to take any notice of it – he and Hayley belong in Ambridge……………
  • Sid and Fallon are playing fathers and daughters in the car on the way home. They have a laugh about the visit to the suit shop. ( how unlikely is that? …….)
  • Kenton has taken an extra long lunch break in the Bull and David is not best pleased. Peggy wants Kenton to come and do some gardening for her but David says no, not until he’s finished the day’s work at Brookfield. As usual Kenton does his smooth reassurance act on David – he won’t let him down.

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