Joe’s re-furbished trap is coming on a treat; Eddie and Ed keep up the Grundy poaching tradition; Tim discovers the identity of the hate mail writer

Radio Times: Roy admires Joe’s handiwork.

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  • Joe’s waiting outside the surgery – Susan’s promised him some paint when she gets off work. He chats to Roy and Phoebe ( how old is she now? sounds about 14!) who are feeding the ducks. He keeps Roy guessing as to the destination of the paint. maybe he’s like to come over to Keeper’s cottage to see for himself. Tim comes out and comes in for a bit of flak from Joe over the surgery closure. Jill Archer has has a reply to her letter to the MP. Talking of letters, Roy shows Tim the poison – pen. Tim has a feeling he’s seen that notepaper somewhere before……….
  • Brian, unusually, is taking some time out to go fly fishing and is joined by Jennifer. he seems heavily preoccupied and seems on the point of unburdening himself. (No such luck!) Upstream Eddie and Ed are poaching. Both couples agree that the work done by Mike on the riverbank last year is bringing rewards………
  • Roy calls at Keepers cottage and is a bit underwhelmed about the trap. However Joe waxes lyrical and wins him around to the idea. Eddie returns and Roy lets him know that Mike wants to meet him to discuss joining forces in the turf-laying / patio building front. Roy’s mobile rings, it’s Tim. He’s been through his files and has found out where that notepaper came from …………….

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