Siobhán lets slip to Elizabeth the identity of her baby’s father; David and Debbie make up over the rape spraying; Roy has a go at Derek Fletcher

Radio Times: Elizabeth’s sworn to secrecy.

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  • In a seemingly pointless opening scene Debbie calls on Ruth who is breastfeeding and being gooey with Ben. They chat about this and that – mainly babies and how Kenton is being a strangley good helper when not distracted (though Ruth has her doubts over how long it’ll last) Debbie decides to leave for the Bull – she’s hoping to catch some of the England game. Very soon after David arrives – something smells good……Ruth’s been COOKING? He saw Debbie’s car disappearing – he’ll go down to the Bull later to catch up with her.
  • At Lower Loxley, Nigel, Elizabeth and Siobhán and Nigel talk about his birthday plans for tomorrow – there are none so far!. Whatever it is,he wants a surprise. When he goes Elizabeth is more than apologetic to Siobhan over the fact that she wasn’t around to support her with the miscarriage scare last week. Siobhán reassures her, saying how much Tim had helped then lets slip that Brian is the father. We don’t know who is more appalled, and she pleads with Elizabeth not to tell anyone
  • Outside the Bull Roy tries again to ring the person who sent Hayley the poison pen letter. It’s Derek Fletcher. Roy says he will go to the police if he ever sends anything like that again.
  • Debbie gives David the news that there will be very little profit on the rape crop this year, there’s a lot of cheap stuff being imported. David explodes – she saw fit to spray Home farm’s crop but not Brookfields. She apologises – she knows she got it wrong.. David immediately capitulates (strange!) and they decide to watch a bit of the match together. Even more strange is there’s NO sound of jubilation over the half time score in the Bull…………………… mmm
  • Elizabeth tells Nigel the big scoop. He is aghast. She wants to phone Jill to ask her advice. Nigel says NO very firmly…..she must keep this one to herself.

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